At the March 2019 General Meeting, we were joined by guest speaker Tyler McKee, a Forest Health Technician at the Department of Natural Resources. McKee presented a wealth of information about the health of trees in our area. Tree maintenance is critical if we wish to preserve the benefits they offer. Healthy trees provide erosion control, habitat for wildlife, shade, and overall beauty. Unhealthy trees on the other hand spell danger in the form of disease and increased risk of personal injury and property damage.

For those who were unable to attend the meeting, you’re in luck! Below are some helpful links to details on tree and plant care.

The Maryland Home and Garden Information Center is a wonderful website for questions about tree health and other lawn and garden issues. The ‘Ask An Expert’ tool allows you to ask a question, and attach pictures.

The Chesapeake Native Plant Center is a great tool for finding which tree, or other plant, is the right choice.

University of Maryland Extension has a list of trees (PDF) that are recommended for riparian buffers. Trees that have a high tolerance for flooding will do better right along the banks.

Download Tyler’s Power Point presentation that includes types and images of common regional tree pests and diseases.
Download Power Point Presentation ›

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